frequently asked questions

A. It's very easy, go to our website and click on sign in /list your Venue List your Venue is where the screen explains everything comes in handy or just click on sign up.
A. No all you need is your required essential personal stuff that is business address, name& contact details and we will do the rest.
A. Yes of course, as soon as you register we will display the site, but however you need to add your menu, employees and register with us for payments.
A. We're glad you asked, once you register click on sign in, and enter your user name and password and system will login automatically and then just click on dash board and you are into the home page and then click on menu and now you can create category by just clicking on add a group name. You can search for it specifically For ex: hair ,once you add group, add services to group and click on add services and now enter service name and select treatment types which appears on the screen and then select pricing levels and then assign to employee and save it.
A. Yes of course, you can get it. Just click on discount and enter how much discount you prefer and you can define your discounts by selecting propoid value of 50%and you can define your discount, thenyou will be able to make discount right there and then.
A.Featured services is a service, which displays saloon site first For example: if somebody and search for saloon specifically and as soon as they go in to their site ,they find you the on the top of their selection services and those services are featured services and they will be displayed to users .
A.Adding employees is very easy, to add employees go to settings and then select team and team will automatically display the list of employees existing, if not click on employee by clicking on employee there appears a screen and what you need is to add all employee details,title,about their pictures and everything and assign some service and save it gives the flexibility to view the employees who were not existing.
A. Yes, as soon as you add employee,automatically the employee name will be displayed on the calendar and on the website and this will help everyone to find it's nice and easy to use for everyone to book appointments.
A. To see clients, go to login in and just click on clients and on the screen there appears all the clients who has been booked to your saloon.
A. Ya sure, you can see, first click on the client name and it shows number of bookings the client made through you at your saloon is stored in in our system .so now you can see the bookings of the clients everything at a glance.
A. Oh yes! You can update and edit the product it's completely in your hand.
A.Go to reports and select list of bookings and then their appears a page,where you can see all the bookings of the day and by clicking on incomplete booking and once the client taken all the services click on it and then just click on complete and the booking is complete, as soon as is it is completed, confirmation will be sent to you and the client and you'll be able to see everything at glance ,with bookings confirmed .
A. Well first go the list of bookings, open it and click on not sure, it displays not sure and as soon as you click on not sure it will automatically send you and the customer as well as business saying that this customer is not sure.
A. Cancellation can be done by going to list of bookings and open it and now just click on cancel order then automatically order will be cancelled.
A. Oh! It's super simple, first click on sales report it will show you a table view of earning per service and per employer and everything you want know about sales report can be seen.
A. As soon as you login on dash board home page, page there appears redeemed e-voucher and just click on redeemed e-voucher and now enter the client customer given e-voucher number and later click on fine then if the voucher is valid, it will show the details of the client and click on proceed and automatically the e-voucher will be claimed.
A. You can update venue details, go to venue and now you can update picture, saloon type and yourAddress, city, area and after entering all the details you can click on sale.
A. Yes of-course! Click on presentation it will now take you preview page on the website and now you can see the changes before display.
A. Yes you can, first go to setting page and the venue details page and click on add image and now you can start adding more images to saloon.
A. Go to settings, and now go to opening hours and it shows days from Monday to Saturday ,now you can update timings by default and you can update the changes you wish to do .so you can have everything just the way you like it.
A.Go to setting, in that go to appointment policy and open e-voucher and cancellation policy based on this your cancellation will be diploid .you can now update cancellation policy then customers knows the policy and there's absolutely no confusion.
A. On texting and emailing, based on selection the client will be able to view all previous and upcoming bookings.
A.It's simple! Go to notification and update email address.
A. Click on reports and then click on finance and then payments and now the payments will display all your current and previous invoices.
A.Yes you can download with PDF
A.Select billing information page and now enter company name, vat registration number,address,postcode,country, contacting person,e-mail and all the details needed.
A.Go to bank details page and enter all your bank details and click on save.
A. Go to our website and just click on sign in and click on sign up and provide all details as requested and then submit all usual information about your personal details, contact preferences and then you are registered.
A. Yes, you'll get email confirmation that your registration is successful.
A. Oh yes! Youcan, if there is a saloon you like search for it as a guest user. However we will send you login details once you successfully placed booked.
A. Well, we will email you a confirmation straight away, so you can know everything's gone through and you'll be able to view all your previous and upcoming booking from your account as well as saloon will also send an email confirmation.
A. No, salon needs to accept your booking. Once salon accepts your booking you will notify via email that salon accepted your booking.
A. Yes, we have strong data protection policy. Your data won’t share with anyone.
A. No, once you login first time, system will ask for remember detail. If you select Yes – you need not to enter every time.
A. Yes you can reset password by just login in and just click on change password.
A. Oh yes, we want to capture your favourite picture or of your preference photo.
A. Yes, you can login with your username and password and you will be able to view all your previous and upcoming booking from your account it is super simple and easy and it displays the dates which are available as well.
A. No, Salon aware about your appointment and they will wait for you.
A. Don't worry, you will get email confirmation having necessary details of saloon location ,map and contact details and also login to our site and go to bookings and open bookings and you'll be able to see all the required saloon details.
A. Yes you can, go to bookings and open bookings bad just press print button and just click on it and you can able to print booking confirmation.
A. Yes, you can but it is subject to cancellation policy .so don't worry about it.
A. It works in three levels 1)if you cancel on or before date and you'll be to get your full money refunded 2)if cancel just before saloon cut-off date ,you get full Money in the form of wallet money .please refer the wallet money for more details.3)if you can cancel on before 5hrs booking unfortunately you can't get your money back. If you cancel before you won't be charged a penny.
A. If you can't make your booking anymore on time, just cancel it and you would not get your money refunded.
A. It works once you cancel .we want to make you happy so wallet money is full money of your booking .sign in to your account and you can see wallet money and just click on it and you can see the money which is displayed.
A. Open any venue and you can see all the reviews of particular section you want.
A. Of Course! You can write a review, go to particular saloon, and select the saloon of your preference and just click on review and write a review and post it.
A. Of Course! You can write a review, go to particular saloon, and select the saloon of your preference and just click on review and write a review and post it.
A. Yes, review shows your name and profile name to everyone.
A. Yes, review shows your name and profile name to everyone.
A. Loyalty point is if you want to identify as privilege customer, suppose if we have 10 bookings with us then we will offer as a free booking for you.
A. It works as follows: For example-if you book 10 appointments and suppose average price 10 bookings is 500 of which 10% is of 50 ,so then you will be able to get free 50 voucher to your email and place an order with our loyalty points voucher number.
A. Go to our website and select saloon you like and enter postcode and date and click on search and it will display all the nearest saloons nearby your postcode.
A. You can buy gift card to your family, friends and loved ones .you can buy gift card through online.
A. Yes you can, there are 2 options-1)if you buy online we will email them voucher number and whenever they want to book online ,they can enter voucher number and claim the gift voucher.2)we will also courier to you so ,before you purchase gift voucher please enter usual stuff about your address and contact preferences and address and purchase it and then we will send to your preferred address.
A. We accept all the major cards/ credit/debit cards. We accept through PayPal and also if saloon accepts you can pay at venue and it all depends on subject to saloon settings.
A. Well, we will email about cancellation straight away, so you know everything gone through your cancellation and you'll be able to view the cancellation confirmation on your account.